Authors are generally happy to speak at events for your club, organization or company. Due to the number of requests they receive, it’s best to contact them as soon as you are considering their appearance so they have time to plan.

Please consider the following as suggested guidelines to consider when working to bring an author in for an event so you can provide them all the necessary information up front when booking your calendar.


  • Reimbursement of flight/travel expenses. Unless asked, allow the author to book their own flight at their convenience and plan on reimbursing flight costs. Your organization might consider a flat travel stipend to cover flights instead.
  • Complete schedule of all activities the speaker is required or invited to attend (if there is a pub crawl, board of director’s dinner, welcome reception, etc. – anything outside the actual speaking engagement)
  • Single occupancy room at a clean hotel.
  • Transportation to and from the airport by a responsible party OR reimbursement for a cab/rental car.
  • Appearance fee: Make sure you ask if an author requires an appearance fee. You can figure about $200 -$500 for a non-profit event. For a commercial or for-profit event you might find that the fee runs in the neighborhood of $1000 – $1500 depending on the speaker.
  • Will there be an opportunity to sell and sign books? How will that be handled? Will you bring the books in and handle that or will you want the author to set up their own booth? What support can you provide?
  • Promotion: how will you promote the opportunity and is there anything you need from the author (bio, photo, book image) or publisher?