Beer for Pete’s Sake: The Wicked Adventures of a Brewing Maverick

By Pete Slosberg

Pete Slosberg has given a face to the craft-brewing movement as Pete’s Wicked Ale. But who is Pete really? In Beer for Pete’s Sake, Pete tells all. He talks about his passion for beer (and a few other passions, as well) and its fascinating history.

From the jacket:  Pete Slosberg charts his life in terms of beer–before and after he learned to like it. From his first beer at sixteen (he hated it), his dislike for the taste stayed with him. Then serendipity stepped in. In 1979 he tried making wine. Unwilling to wait five years for it to mature, he decided to make beer instead because it took only six weeks. The result was a revelation–he loved it.

He was twenty-nine and his life was forever changed. During the next seven years he became an avid homebrewer, and word of his excellent ale spread. In 1986, in partnership with a colleague from ROLM/IBM, he incorporated Pete’s Brewing Company. Their mission was to make a world-class beer and have fun doing it. They would take the business seriously but not themselves. It worked. Pete’s became the second-largest specialty craftbrewer in the country. The company’s success is a reflection of Pete himself, and his willingness to embrace a slightly wacky, outrageous approach to the business of beer. He became one of the most recognized faces behind one of the most recognized craft beers in America.

He has been called a brewing maverick, a brilliant entrepreneur, an iconoclast, and a marketing icon. But who is Pete Slosberg really, this man with the beard and Wicked smile? What happened on the way from his first homebrew to the Inc. 500 company he founded? Pete reflects on his life with beer, his unabashed passion for its place in history and civilization, and the path that led him from a corporate career to doing what he loves. This is Pete at his best.

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  • Author: Pete Slosberg
  • Pages: 300
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Pete Slosberg

He has been called a brewing maverick, a brilliant entrepreneur, an iconoclast, and a marketing icon. Pete Slosberg founded Pete’s Brewing Company in 1986, distributing Pete’s Wicked Ale.…Read more