Dan Rabin

Dan Rabin is an award-winning freelance beer and travel journalist from Boulder, Colorado.

He is co-author of the Dictionary of Beer and Brewing (Brewers Publications, 1998). He writes theĀ column “Rocky Mountain” for Celebrator Beer News and has contributed to numerous beverage and travel publications including Ale Street News, Beer Connoisseur, Beer Traveler, DRAFT Magazine, The New Brewer, Zymurgy, Wine Country Network, Wine Enthusiast, Where Denver, Where Guestbook Colorado, Gadling.com and others.

His travel stories have also appeared in newspapers throughout the United States and Canada. Rabin has worked with the Brewers Association on numerous projects and produces the bi-annual Brewers Resource Directory. He is an avid homebrewer andĀ an American Homebrewers Association National Homebrew Competition gold medalist.