Photo of master brewer, Colin Kaminski.

Colin Kaminski

Colin Kaminski discovered brewing while briefly dating a woman with a degree in fermentation science from UC Davis. Using one of his first three batches of homebrew, Kaminski applied and was hired at Beer, Beer and More Beer as a product designer.  While there, he designed more than 180 products including their Peltier cooled conical fermentor. In 2003, he became the master brewer at Downtown Joe’s Brewery and has brewed more than 800 7bbl batches in nine years as the head of a one man department. Colin has written on a variety of topics including lutherie, holography, solar astronomy and beer. He was awarded the Beer Writers Guild Feature of the Year Award for his BYO article “Bring on the Heat”.  He co-authored Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers in 2013 with How to Brew‘s John Palmer.