Author David Sutula

David Sutula

What began on a lark when he took home a book from the library on homebrewing became a full-time avocation for David throughout his college years.  His hobby turned semi-professional when he started making an hour long drive to volunteer at a Michigan brewpub.  After graduating from school and short careers as an eighteenth century woodworker and a newspaper stringer, he took his hobby to the professional level at Cleveland’s Crooked River Brewing Company in 1993.
In between more than a half-dozen gigs at breweries in and around Cleveland, Dave spent a lot of time among the stacks at Siebel, Heriot-Watt and a score of local libraries researching traditional brewing techniques.  He’s brewed traditional English beers at John Harvard’s Brewhouse, award-winning Belgians at Diamondback Brewing Company, citrusy Farmhouse Ales at Willoughby Brewing Company and is currently perched on the brewhouse platform at Canton Brewing Company in Canton, Ohio where traditional American indigenous beers like American Weiss and adjunct Pilsners live alongside barrel-aged sours and session IPAs.
Dave is also a brewing consultant and writer, he has published technical, style-related and local brewery news and history articles in Brewing Techniques, American Brewer, Great Lakes Brewing News and a variety of newspapers and magazines.  He is the Author of Mild Ale: History, Brewing Techniques and Recipes.