Bock (Classic Beer Style Series)

By Darryl Richman

A comprehensive look at this once-forgotten beer style, Bock covers the history, style profiles, procedures and recipes of this unique family of beers. You’ll find everything you need to understand, appreciate and brew bock in this book.

The Classic Beer Style Series from Brewers Publications examines individual world-class beer styles, covering origins, history, sensory profiles, brewing techniques and commercial examples.

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    If you have read any book that tells you how to make a Bock Style I can almost guarantee you that they are actually quoting this book. Darryl Richman is a beautiful and clear writer who explains the triple decoction method better than just about any other writer, or they are drawing from this book. This is a classic.

    This book is fairly advanced and I would not recommend this series for the beginner or low experience brewer as Richman does give some very technical descriptions about mash chemistry which are important to understand for this style but would be very overwhelming if you are starting out. If you are an advanced brewer, this is a beautiful series and should be read by everyone as this series shows up in the reference section of almost all of the books I have read. - Benedict Holland | Amazon Reviewer

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  • Author: Darryl Richman
  • ISBN: 0-937381-39-x

About the Author

Darryl Richman

Darryl Richman’s articles have been published in the pages of Zymurgy, Beer and Brewing series books, Brewing Techniques and The Celebrator. He is author of Bock, one of Brewers Publications’ Classic Beer Style Series.…Read more