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    John Palmer

    About John Palmer

    John J. Palmer is author of the bestseller How to Brew: Everything You Need to Know to Brew Great Beer Every Time (2017), co-author of both Brewing Classic Styles (2007), and Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (2013) from Brewers Publications.

    John J. Palmer was...

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    Colin Kaminski

    About Colin Kaminski

    Colin Kaminski, co-author of Water: A Comprehensive Guide for Brewers (Brewers Publications, 2013), discovered brewing while briefly dating a woman with a degree in fermentation science from UC Davis. Using one of his first three batches of homebrew, Kaminski applied and was hired at Beer, Beer and More...

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    Book Reviews

    If you don’t get the water right, neither will you succeed with the beer. Water is a precious commodity, from its availability, through its quality, right to its departure down the drain. It demands respect and that is precisely what it receives in this book, which is packed with valuable information, calculations and best practice guidelines for brewers large and small.

    - Charlie Bamforth, Professor of Malting and Brewing Sciences University of California

    In addition to extracting nuggets from the literature, the authors have drawn on the knowledge of experienced brewers...and those who have developed software for doing some of the complex calculations and experiments. With such a breadth of sources, this book will either answer your brewing water questions or have you well on the way to those answers.

    - A. J. deLange

    I have worked with water my entire engineering career and I know the intricacies of typical water treatment and utilization. However, brewing water needs are a unique aspect that have received little research or explanation in the past. This book assembles a wide variety of information focused on the specialized water needs in brewing and makes it accessible to all brewers. The treatment of brewing water can be as simple or complicated as a brewer wants to make it, but any brewer will find things in this book that can make their beer better.

    - Martin Brungard, Water Resource Engineer/Homebrewer