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    Learn to Brew with Cannabis and Hemp

    Brewing with Cannabis: Using THC and CBD in Beer

    Author Keith Villa, Ph.D., is a trailblazing brewmaster in the rapidly growing marketing of non-alcoholic beers infused with heady hops.

    The Beer Doctor is brewmaster and co-founder of CERIA Brewing Company, the first brewery of its kind in Colorado. In 2018, he was among the first to brew an infused beer in the United States. 

    Brewing with Cannabis
    The first book of its kind, includes chapters on:
    • Plant Biology & Comparison to Hops
    • Life Stages & Growing Conditions
    • Terpenoid Effects
    • Brief History of U.S. Laws
    • Methods for Making Non-Alcoholic* Craft Beer 
    • Labeling, Physical Packaging Regulations & Compliance
    • 14 Craft Beer Recipes
    *a legal requirement when making and selling infused suds

    Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide by Ross Koenigs

    Medal-winning brewmaster and innovator Ross Koenigs is pushing the limits of brewing ingredients in his new book Brewing with Hemp: The Essential Guide. 

    The second book in the series, readers will get into the weeds with expertly researched chapters:

    Brewing with Hemp
    • Recipes for IPAs, Pilsner, Märzen, Saison, Gruit, and more!
    • Instructions and recipes for tinctures
    • Brewing techniques 
    • Methods for recipe formulation
    • Physiology and ecology of hemp
    • Quality guidelines and legal considerations
    • View the Table of Contents