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    Matt Stinchfield

    About Matt Stinchfield

    Matt Stinchfield has been actively creating safer workplaces for over three decades. He has focused on brewery safety for the last 18 years as a safety and loss control consultant to mid-sized and regional craft breweries and distilleries. Matt has been part of the Brewers...

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    Book Reviews

    “No matter where you are on your safety journey, this book will help you improve. Matt has been my mentor for many years, and I’m thrilled that his knowledge, wisdom, and wit are now available to everyone. Brewery Safety should become a well-worn reference guide in every brewery to help educate and empower both new and seasoned employees.”

    —Rachel Bell, Health and Safety Manager, CANarchy Craft Brewing Collective and Brewers Association Safety Subcommittee Chair 

    “Whether a brewery has already established safety policies, is starting from scratch, or is somewhere in between, this book provides a comprehensive framework for ensuring the safety and health of workers in the brewery. While regulatory requirements are covered, they are not the focal point—the holistic health and safety of people is center stage. This book will look fantastic on your shelf and will be one of the most reached-for resources as your approach to safety grows and matures.”  

    —Abby Ferri, CSP, ARM, Chief Safety Officer, Insurate 

    “Brewery Safety is both an excellent reference manual and an indispensable resource for forming, building, improving, and maintaining an effective brewery safety program. This book is a one-stop shop for information and resources that should be on every brewery manager’s bookshelf. I guarantee it will not gather dust, as you will refer to it often. Matt Stinchfield’s years of safety experience, depth of knowledge, and writing style make for an easy-to-understand-and-apply resource and reference manual. I highly recommend this invaluable publication!” 

    —Jeff Mason, Plant Manager, Ska Brewing Co. 

    “In my experience, safety is a core element that is essential for successful brewery operations. The absence of safety priorities reduces the ability of team members to focus on quality and efficiency, and thus it is a foundational element for breweries of all sizes. Compiling theory, resources, and best practices, this book provides a relevant source to assure that safety protocols and systems meet the expectations of staff, customers, regulators, and, most importantly, yourself.” 

    —John Mallett, former VP of Operations, Bell’s Brewery Inc.