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    Fal Allen

    About Fal Allen

    Fal Allen started brewing professionally in 1988 for Redhook Brewery in Seattle, Wash. In 1990, he moved to Pike Place Brewery where he was the head brewer for eight years. In 1999, he was awarded the Brewers Association’s Russell Schehrer Award for Innovation and Achievement...

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    Book Reviews

    I have over ten years' experience in sour beer production, including Gose. There is much I have learned from this book that will continue to help me in my professional career. Fal writes with such simple clarity and depth that brewers of all levels and beer enthusiasts alike can enjoy and benefit from this book.

    - Ron Gansberg, Brewmaster, Cascade Brewing

    There is more to Gose than just coriander and salt. Fal Allen reveals its rich history while giving the reader an in-depth introduction to both modern and historic Gose-style beers, their ingredients, and their quirks. Follow Gose on its journey from the imperial city of Goslar into the Gosenschänke of Leipzig and on to craft breweries in the US and the world.

    - Benedikt Rausch, Wilder Wald

    Fal takes us on a Dickensian journey through time, detailing what was, what is, and what may become of our beloved and mostly misunderstood Gose. Fal covers the depth and breadth of brewing Gose, with tips, clever tricks, and tasty anecdotes along the way. Whether you're a beer newbie or a master brewer, this book is required reading for all.

    - Kristen England, Head Brewer, Bent Brewstillery