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    Lars Marius Garshol

    About Lars Marius Garshol

    Lars Marius Garshol is a Norwegian software engineer that travels the world to learn more about beer. Garshol spent five years researching various aspects of brewing at remote farmhouses throughout Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. He is the author of LarsBlog, a blog devoted to...

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    Book Reviews

    Brilliantly written! Lars provides a wealth of technical and historical knowledge to his readers in Historical Brewing Techniques. His writing is fascinating and evocative—the reader can’t help but feel they are traveling through Scandinavia and eastern Europe alongside him. This book is a must read for anyone passionate about the histories and techniques of true farmhouse beer making.

    - Averie Swanson, Founder and Beermaker, Keeping Together

    "Farmhouse ale” is a term used by many yet understood by few. Lars Garshol is one who gets it, and he shares his wealth of knowledge in this book. It’s not a beer style guide, but rather a fascinating look into the myriad ways beer was made prior to industrialization. Compelling read for brewers and beer aficionados alike. 

    - Stephen Beaumont, co-author of The World Atlas of Beer and author of Will Travel for Beer

    Until six or seven years ago, the borders of European brewing were tidy, well-understood, and well-documented—or so we English-speakers thought. That was when Lars Marius Garshol started publishing incredible stories about farmhouse brewing traditions in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia. Suddenly the brewing world seemed a lot bigger than anyone imagined. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Historical Brewing Techniques is the most important book on brewing in at least twenty years.

    - Jeff Alworth, Author of The Beer Bible

    Lars Garshol has brought our prehistoric “Nordic grog” to life in his new book, which is bubbling up and brimming over with close observation and practical advice about wild yeasts, herbs, household brewing, and much, much more. It’s a delightful and informative paean to historic Scandinavian and Baltic brews, benefitting the serious homebrewer and enthusiastic beer connoisseur alike. 

    - Patrick E. McGovern, author of Ancient Brews Rediscovered and Re-created and Uncorking the Past: The Quest for Wine, Beer, and Other Alcoholic Beverages