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    General Inquiries

    Contact Brewers Publications via their parent company, the Brewers Association:
    Hours: Monday - Friday from 8:00 am - 4:00 pm MT
    Call: 1-303-447-0816 ext 2
    Toll-Free: 1-888-822-6273
    Email: info@brewersassociation.org
    Address: 1327 Spruce Street, Boulder, Colo. 80302

    For United States Post Office International Service Disruptions, visit the USPS website

    Request a Copy

    Media Review Request

    Media, please complete this form to request a media review copy of our titles.

    Exam Review Request

    Educators, please complete this form to request an examination copy.

    Wholesale Inquiries

    Brewers Association Warehouse
    Phone: 888.822.6273 (Toll-Free USA and Canada)
    Manager: George Myler


    National Book Network
    1.800.462.6420 (USA)
    1.416.534.1660 (Canada)
    1.800.338.4550 (Fax)

    Brewers Publications Retailers

    Books can be purchased online at BrewersPublications.com, at a retailer near you, and these stores: 

    Rights | Licensing Inquiries | Content Usage Permission

    Licensing and Content Usage Permissions
    Stephanie Johnson Martin, Brewers Association

    Foreign Rights Inquiries
    Sylvia Hayse, Literary Agency, LLC