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    Learn how this budding ingredient puts a different kind of haze in your craft beer with the latest Brewers Publications book.

    Ross Koenigs

    Medal-winning brewmaster and innovator Ross Koenigs is pushing the limits of brewing ingredients in his new book.

    The second book in the series on this budding topic is perfect for homebrewers, professional brewers, enthusiasts, and appreciators of the hop plant's dank cousin. 


    Get into the weeds with expertly researched chapters:

    • Recipes for IPAs, Pilsner, Märzen, Saison, Gruit, and more!
    • Instructions and recipes for tinctures
    • Brewing techniques 
    • Methods for recipe formulation
    • Physiology and ecology of hemp
    • Quality guidelines and legal considerations
    • View the Table of Contents

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    *a legal requirement when making and selling infused suds